Dr. Sharad Vyas

Dr. Sharad Vyas


Director, Emergency Medical Services Gujarat State

Dr Sharad Vyas is an Ex-Professor and Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Head & Professor of Surgery, Gastroenterology and Trauma at B J Medical Collage, Civil Hospital Ahmedabad.

He has been working as a Programme In Charge [PIC] for the Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management course [PGDHHM] on behalf of IGNOU[Indira Gandhi National Open University] for the last 14 years.

Dr Vyas is a qualified instructor for the training of Basic Life Saving (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), EMT and NDPCH at the National and International level.

He has been trained in the field of Emergency and Trauma in Israel, USA and France and has collaborated with Columbia, Ronald Regan and USC-LA universities USA.

Dr Vyas has been awarded the Gold Medal at Under Graduate BCJP [Bachelor of Communication, Journalism and Public Relation] and Post Graduate level MJS [Master of Journalism Studies] in the field of Journalism by the Department of Journalism of Gujarat University.

Dr Vyas is the prime force in developing the Pre-hospital and Hospital Medical Emergency Care Services in the State of Gujarat.                            

During his tenure he has been responsible for managing earthquake victims, Riot victims; Post serial bomb blasts victims and various other mass casualties.

He retired as a Specialist from the same institute after serving for 28 years.

Dr Vyas is a Co-Principal Investigator for AITSC, providing a wealth of expertise as a consultant for Emergency Medical Services Ahmedabad, Gujarat and facilitating the development and implementation of Intervention 1.