Dr Gaurav Kaushik

Dr Gaurav Kaushik

MSc, PhD

Department of Surgical Disciplines, JPN Apex Trauma Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi.

Senior Research Associate

Dr. Gaurav Kaushik is currently working as Senior Research Associate in Department of Surgery at the JPN Apex Trauma Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi. After completing his PhD from Department of Medicine, AIIMS in 2015, he joined JPNATC, AIIMS in October 2015.

He has undergone “ICH-GCP training” organized and conducted by Department of Clinical Research, R&D, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd, in Department of Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi in 2007. He has also undergone “LINE PROBE ASSAY (MTBDR Plus Test)” training at Intermediate Reference Laboratory, State Tuberculosis Training & Demonstration Centre, Ahmedabad –Gujarat organized by ‘FIND’ India in November, 2009.

Dr Kaushik received “Best student award” for overall achievement in post-graduation by H.N.B Garhwal University, Uttarakhand in 2006 He has participated in various symposiums, workshops and conferences related to clinical topics as well as basic science related. He has presented on various topics related to basic science and clinical research during his PhD tenure at AIIMS. He has published 3 research articles in peer reviewed journals and abstract accepted in national and international conferences.

Dr Kaushik joined AIIMS in 2007, and since then has been there in various capacities in Department of Medicine till 2015. He joined JPNATC in October 2015 after completing his PhD from Department of Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi.

He has been a part of two clinical research projects funded by Government agencies in India during his PhD tenure in Department of Medicine, AIIMS.

As a Senior Research Associate for AITSC, Dr. Gaurav coordinates and manages all project related activities from the Indian side, working closely with other AITSC study sites in India.