Professor Lynette Joubert

Professor Lynette Joubert

BSocSc, BA Hons Med Soc Wrk, BA Hons Psych: MA Clin Psych

Department of Social Work, Melbourne School of Health Sciences, University of Melbourne

Professor Lynette Joubert is a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne, Honorary Associate Professor at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Honorary Professor at Universite France-Comte, France.  Professor Joubert trained as a clinical psychologist and social worker and has developed a clear teaching and research agenda around theoretical concerns with the contribution made by social network factors to recovery and rehabilitation, and the reduction of social risk as contributing to improved outcomes for patients.

Since completing her doctoral thesis on an ecosystemic approach to rehabilitation of the stroke patient, she has continued to research on the contribution of community systems in the development of integrated health care . Professor Joubert is currently the Principal Investigator on 3 Australian Research Council Grants focused on suicide, ageing and stroke rehabilitation. She is one of only a few researchers who have undertaken randomised controlled trials of social interventions to address mental health and health problems.  She is a member of the University of Melbourne Human Research Ethics committee and postgraduate degree coordinator in social work. Professor Joubert has an extensive publication record on social risk and health and mental health.

Professor Joubert joins the Australia India Trauma Systems Collaboration as a Co-investigator for her wealth of knowledge in both rehabilitation and international intervention research design.