Professor Venkatesh Balasubramanian

Professor Venkatesh Balasubramanian

PhD: Assistant Secretary, Indian Society of Ergonomics; Member, BIS Sectional Committee on Human Factors

Advisor, National Health Mission, Tamil Nadu

Professor Venkatesh Balasubramanian is a Professor in the Department of Engineering Design at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, and Advisor, National Health Mission – Tamil Nadu. He works on various problems of disruptive innovations in product and process developments at IIT Madras.

Professor Venkatesh Balasubramanian graduated with Mechanical Engineering from University of Madras in 1991. He went on to do graduate school in Bioengineering at University of Pittsburgh and worked on Joint replacements. His Doctoral work at Louisiana State University and Overton Brooks VA Medical Centre, Shreveport was in understanding the impact of age and peripheral neuropathy in limiting the threshold for detection of slips leading to fall. His postdoctoral work at Yale University School of Medicine was in understanding whiplash injury in car crashes.

Professor Venkatesh Balasubramanian mentors and advices technology based start-ups, SMEs and automotive industries in strategic management, disruptive and sustaining innovations, new product development and productivity improvement.

Professor Venkatesh has had multiple products translated from lab to commercial use for medical device and automotive industries. He has helped develop and coordinate a one-year PGPEX program, Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing (VLFM). This was the first to have a joint diploma offered by IIMC, IITK and IITM and was adopted as the skill and leadership development program of the “Make In India” vision of DIPP, GoI. Professor Venkatesh has also developed programs for building leadership in engineering and manufacturing excellence for various large and medium sized manufacturing companies using the lean management system developed by him.

Professor Venkatesh’s research focus are in innovation and lean operations; human factors in transportation; and medical devices and implants. He has over 200 publications in peer-review journals and conferences.