Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital – Chennai

The Government General Hospital one of the premier institutions in the country was started on 16th November 1664 as a small hospital to treat the sick soldiers of East India Company. It began as a teaching hospital in 1835 and the present Madras Medical College came in to existence in 1850.

The now Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (RGGGH) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is a tertiary care referral centre with 3500 beds.  It has 8 intensive care units (ICUs) with 90 beds in medical and 110 beds in surgical related ICUs. CT and digital imaging services are functioning 24 hours, 7 days a week and MRI scanning, FAST and bedside ultrasound also available.

A remodelled accident and emergency care unit of RGGGH has been fully operational since January 2018 and will be functioning 24 hours, 365 days a year. The emergency department has total 27 beds for minor to major traumas and reports an average of 70 trauma cases a day; road traffic accidents and self-fall are the highest trauma presentations.

The emergency operation theatre handles five major cases daily on average. The theatre has six tables with the facility and equipment to carry out any major life saving procedure including amputations, splenectomy, bowel resection/ anastomosis and neurosurgeries.

RGGGH is abreast with the latest in orthopaedic techniques such as fracture fixation, total hip and knee replacements and spinal surgery. Neurosurgery operations including skull base operation, micro-neurosurgical operation, latest technique of spinal operation including anterior approach.

RGGGH has joined the AITSC for the final months of the program, with the plan to implement the shared trauma registry, pre-hospital notification, and a structured trauma quality improvement program into their hospital site.


Website: http://www.mmc.ac.in/mmc/