Vadilal Sarabhai Hospital – Ahmedabad

VS Hospital is a multi-activity and multi-specialty hospital, which was the vision of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The hospital was founded in year 1931 with an initial capital of 400,000 Rupees. It has 1,115 beds and is run by a committee consisting of members of the Sarabhai and Chinai families who had donated the hospital to the city. Over 500,000 patients are treated here annually, averaging 1,600 patients a day. Also 25,000 surgeries are performed every year.

The hospital caters to areas in and around Ahmedabad with an average radius of 180 kilometers. Being near to the national highway, VS hospital is the center for significant trauma management. Moreover, it is the only government hospital in Ahmedabad which caters to vascular injuries ( limb salvage). It has a significant patient input by emergency 108 services in Ahmedabad.