National Trauma Research Institute

The National Trauma Research Institute was established in 2003 by partnership institutions Alfred Health and Monash University. The NTRI is located within the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP) at The Alfred campus in Melbourne, Australia. The NTRI co-ordinates the clinical research and education of The Alfred Trauma Service and Monash University to deliver expertise in the following areas:

Clinical Care

The Alfred Trauma Service was founded in 1984. It is the largest and most active Trauma Service in Australasia. The Trauma Service treats over half of all major Victorian trauma cases and is one of three Victorian Major Trauma Services (The Alfred, The Royal Melbourne Hospital and The Royal Children’s Hospital) all based in the state capital, Melbourne.


The Institute’s research strategy is threefold: (i) to conduct world-class clinical research, (ii) to translate the research into practice, policy and system improvements to deliver better clinical care to patients with traumatic injury; and (iii) to mentor the next generation of leaders through postgraduate program supervision.


The NTRI coordinates clinical education programs of The Alfred Trauma Service and Monash University. This includes the Trauma Orientation program, the Trauma Reception and Resuscitation Training Program©, the Resuscitative Thoracotomy program, the Trauma Reception and Resuscitation (TRR©) System, the TraumaApt© inpatient tracking program and accredited training programs for partner organisations and trauma clinicians.


Biotechnologies, decision support, physiological monitoring, team communication and the subsequent reduction in errors of omission are the keys to improved trauma care. The NTRI is currently involved in a number of biotechnology research and education projects that are designed to improve the care of the injured.

Systems Development

The state of Victoria, Australia (population 5.6 million) implemented the Victorian State Trauma System (VSTS) between 2000 and 2003. The VSTS encompasses all 138 trauma-receiving hospitals in the state, designated according to capability. Three hospitals (two adult, one paediatric) were designated as major trauma services (Level 1 trauma centre equivalent).

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