Rehabilitation After Discharge


Studies of medium to long-term recovery have shown that functional and quality-of-life outcomes of trauma patients who survive to hospital discharge are substantially influenced by post-hospital treatment, care and support. In India and some parts of Australia, physical, cognitive and other rehabilitation resources are often unavailable, or are piecemeal, poorly organised and difficult to access. Where no services are available, rehabilitation may be delivered by the family.

In the emerging UK Trauma System, the concept of a Rehabilitation Prescription was recently developed. It involves in-hospital assessment to predict and define the rehabilitation goals for each patient and start, in parallel with acute medical care, working towards the patient’s mobility, functional, occupational and family goals.

Key Objectives & Outcomes

Under this program, the effect of a rehabilitation prescription for trauma patients with lower limb fractures requiring fixation or stabilisation on functional outcomes, post-discharge complications and quality of life at 6 months post discharge will be conducted in three Indian trauma centres in Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. This project will develop methods of delivering the prescription using technology that will have implications for rehabilitation practices in both developing and developed trauma systems.

Reducing the Burden of Injury

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