Trauma Reception and Resuscitation (TRR©) System


Saving lives in a trauma centre requires decision making in a fast paced, highly stressful environment. In India these issues are amplified by huge patient loads and many patients in India do not have immediate access to major trauma centres or specialist hospitals.

The Trauma Reception and Resuscitation (TRR©) System developed at The Alfred hospital, Melbourne, Australia, provides hospital trauma teams with access to computerised decision support for the first 60 minutes of trauma management. Patient data including vital signs, diagnoses and treatments are entered into the TRR© system directly from a monitor or by the Trauma Nurse Leader. Based on this data, computerised algorithms prompt the Trauma Team in real time to confirm the status of the patient, to perform procedures and administer drugs as well as assist with diagnosing injuries.

Key Objectives & Outcomes

Under the Australia-India Trauma Systems Collaboration (AITSC), the TRR© system will be installed at JPN Apex AIIMS and a study conducted to determine the effectiveness of the system to improve patient care. Prior to the introduction of the TRR© system, the algorithms and interface will be modified to fit the Indian trauma centre experience. It is hoped to expand the introduction of the system into other hospitals in India and other developing nations where the burden of injury is greatest.

Reducing the Burden of Injury

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